Crucial Material – February 23, 2018

Some history has been this week!

The legendary Electronic Hip Hop pioneer Dabrye has finally completed his album trilogy after nearly 20 years, UK’s legendary Broken Beat crew CoOp releases the second instalment of their “Selectors Assemble” volumes, some serious compilations and reissues got pressed, among many more. Here we go!

Dabrye “Three/Three” (Ghostly International)

Legendary Electronic Hip Hop pioneer Dabrye finally completes his album trilogy with “Three/Three”, a journey which started back in 2001. With a total of 19 songs and 19 high-profile features, this album is no joke! It seems like a nice finisher, and kind of encompasses all of the many styles Dabrye has to offer. For more information on the process and vision behind the album, you can read our interview with Dabrye here.
-Selected by Mike Jones
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CoOp Presents: “Selectors Assemble Volume Two”

London Bruk vanguards IG Culture & Alex Phountzi have decided to take their CoOp Party to the next step by starting their own label and platform to give shine to other Broken Beat producers in the quickly-expanding scene. With “Selectors Assemble Volume Two”, they have selected six producers varying in stature to show off their spin of the Bruk sound. For more info on the label’s vision and the history of Broken Beat in general, you can read our interview with IG & Alex here.
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Ernesto Chahoud presents TAITU – Soul-fuelled Stompers from 1960s – 1970s Ethiopia

Ernesto Chahoud and BBE present a collection of 25 absolutely crucial Ethiopian tracks to get things moving in the right direction! Amongst the selection of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, and the likes are some gems from Ethiopian heavyweights such as Mulatu Astatke and Alemayehu Eshete, as well as some deeper digs from lesser known artists of the same era. A truly enjoyable listen from start to finish!
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Black Milk “FEVER” (Computer Ugly Records)

Detroit’s Black Milk is back with another one since his last release in 2016. “FEVER” embodies Milk’s heavy chopped-and-swung style of the early 2000s but with an heir of maturity and confidence unlike anything before. He seems more comfortable with himself, his lyrics, and his sound in general, making this one a real treat. Expect to see a lot more from Black Milk, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be slowing down anytime soon.
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J-Jazz “Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969 – 1984” (BBE)

“In the years following the World War Two, Japan developed one of the most insatiable, dynamic and diverse markets for Jazz. For a crucial period of little over a decade – from the late 1960s to the early 1980s – Japanese Jazz culture progressed at an astonishing rate, producing an extraordinary array of artists, recordings and record labels that created some of the most forward thinking and impressive Jazz to be committed to tape. This compilation uncovers some of the most sought after and rare material from this period and pulls together key artists who shaped the postwar modern Jazz scene in Japan.”
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East Man “Red, White & Zero” (Planet Mu)

I’ve always been drawn to music that sounds naively innovative. This album takes you straight back to the early days of the now massive Grime scene, when MCs were still proving themselves in cypher videos uploaded with Quicktime embeds on poorly designed internet forums; when producers didn’t know the details of the tools they were using, they just knew the what they were doing was working. Lace up and jump in, this one’s tuff!
-Selected by Mike Jones
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Hector Plimmer “Sunshine Remixed” (Albert’s Favourites)

One year ago Hector Plimmer’s debut album “Sunshine” was released to overwhelming support and acclaim. So, to mark the anniversary and bring a fitting end to this landmark project for the producer, they have gathered together those pieces and more for “Sunshine Remixed”. The release includes thirteen remixes from artists who all give a unique spin on the originals. This one’s got something for everyone.
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True Feelings “Love Me, Love Me” (Backatcha)

“The official reissue of this super-rare and super-sought-after London Disco / Jazz-Funk production from 1981! Last heard as an edited version on the ‘Private Wax’ compilation, Backatcha present the full original with a spacey ‘Disco’ version on the flip. A serious “British Hustle” holy grail!”
-Selected by Lexis
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Levanta Poeira “Afro​-​Brazilian Music & Rhythms from 1976–2016 (compiled by Tahira)” (Jazz&Milk)

For their first Afro-Brazilian compilation, the German Jazz & Milk label teamed up with Tahira, one of São Paulo’s most active DJs and music collectors. Tahira’s personal wish was to showcase the rich musical roots and facets of his country by featuring carefully selected artists and bands from the past 4 decades. Most of these tracks will be made available on vinyl for the very first time with a highlight certainly being Tahira’s “A Toda Menina Baiana” remix of one of Brazil’s absolute musical heroes, Gilberto Gil.
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Stay tuned until next week, happy listening!