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Forgotten Treasure: Akhenaton “J’ai Pas De Face” (1997)

Ahh I totally forgot about this one until my good friend and talented producer Dr. MaD was talking about it this morning. For those who don’t know, Akhenaton is a founding member of French rap group IAM which is pretty much THE legendary group out there. Akhenaton aka Sentenza also did a bunch of solo stuff on compilations and LP’s. His voice is just unmistakable; just like when you hear Q-Tip coming in…

For those of you who don’t speak french let me just give you a bit of background behind these two tracks. One was made in the late 90′s and the other in the early 2000′s, both basically the more recent equivalent to a track like EPMD‘s “Crossover”: talking about all the crap surrounding pre-fabricated pop and hip-pop stars. The first track is more about boy bands and the second about reality shows. Both (sadly) still very relevant today.

“J’ai Pas De Face”


“J’ai Vraiment Pas De Face”

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