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Forgotten Treasure: James Christian “MYB” (Hard House Mix)(1997)

Here is my new found secret weapon for my next set. That’s right, I haven’t even played it to the masses yet and I’m straight up giving it to you. I’m not asking for an award, props, likes, tweets or anything else of the sort. The only thing I’m hoping for is that this encourages people to share their musical findings with one another. No respect for the selfish (I’m talking to you DJs-who-make-mixes-with-no-track-list)!

Lately I’ve been trying to put more emphasis on spinning records from my own collection and less emphasis on keeping track of all the newest tunes leaking out through forums, blogs and internet searches. The result? Forgotten treasures of course! You can end up coming cross something you never payed attention to before, which was the case for this little nugget I finally uncovered from a bulk purchase that was made a long while ago.

Dust Traxx (famous for dope releases from Stacey Kidd and Paul Johnson) puts out 4 different versions of James Christian’s Move Your Body and believe it or not, the Hard House Mix takes the prize. Heavy thumping four-to-the-floor kicks divided by almost overpowering claps, tribal rhythms, vocal “ah-has” looped like car alarms, high-pitched “woo-woops” and “wooos” with the added touch of a catchy piano house melody combine their efforts to make this cut an instant trippy banger! Throw this in at the right time to give your dance floor an extra boost of energy.

*Please note due to vinyl quality there’s a small looped set of skips in the break. An easy editing fix for the technologically savvy.

James Christian – MYB (Hard House Mix)


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