Future Classics

Future Classic: Submerse “Tears EP”


Project: Mooncircle are pretty much kings when it comes to releasing really cool instrumental hiphop slash electronic music projects. I’m especially a big fan of Robot Koch’s music which is, in my opinion, the best representation of their sound.

However I’m thinking that there is a lot more to Mooncircle than the “instrumental hiphop slash electronic” identity which is ever more true when listening to the new blue vinyl EP by Submerse which is definitely on the more upbeat tip. Think a bit more Burial than Prefuse 73. It may be that what characterizes the label’s sound is the the use of textures in beats rather than sticking to a BPM. Submerse is a master at that. He even uses textures as percussive instruments to craft some delicate beats.

The Cheshire, UK resident writes in the notes that the EP is all about the feeling of solitude you have upon finding yourself in a foreign country and a strangely different culture. A feeling of solitude, I get quite often. This EP accompanied me many times when I returned home alone late at night in the last months. Those infos on the album and many others (like how tho purchase it) at Project: Mooncircle’s website.



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