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Future Classic: Alaclair Ensemble “America” / “Dans l’South du Bas”

Although the guys Alaclair Ensemble have been our good homies for a long time they still manage to surprise us.

All these guys have been doing music for a long time but it’s like the Alaclair project created the perfect storm of creativity and crazyness. And not to mention, pretty insane productivity. The guys put out a triple record just a few months ago so I was surprised to hear about the release of “America” and “Dans L’South du Bas” .

Once again, both are available for free. It’s a healthy mix of new songs and remixes from previous projects like the Maybe Watson solo LP, the “Roé c’est Moé” record. Most of the production is handled by the homie VLooper.

The guys have obviously gotten a few offers from labels but they probably figured that no label could understand and commercialise their craziness better than themselves and their legion of supporters. So as a A.E lover the best thing you can do is a) spread the word b) go see them live.




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