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Future Classic: Miles Bonny “2011 Bootlegs LP”

I’ve been meaning to write about this one for a while but ripping vinyl records sometimes seems like such a daunting task that it makes me months to actually do it. Well thankfully the record has now finally been posted on soundcloud so I can now share with you this wonderful project.

Amongst music lovers and artists, the whole “state of the music industry” is a conversation that keeps popping up and it just seems there is never a good and solid answer. Yeah, the climate of the music landscape (not music itself) is shitty but every now and then you are reminded about how amazing it can be when the whole web 2.0 / social thing comes together with great artists and projects.

Miles Bonny is a great artist (singer, trumpeter, dj, producer) from Kansas City who we have been pushing for a while here at MIMS. He has participated on tons of amazing projects like the Saadiq tribute with Dj Day, his solo record from 2011 called “Lumberjack Soul“, and other releases on Melting Pot, Bstrd Jazz.

Late last year, Miles started reaching out to his supporters to talk about his project of doing a 12″ that would feature tracks that have never seen official releases. He began by taking votes from people and then launched the project on the now pretty popular Kickstarter platform. So for a few $, his fans got a copy of the uber limited 12″ with 8 great tracks and a special 7″ record to go with it tons of little goodies in the care package. Yes, there are still a few copies left (link)

The record is absolutely fantastic, and for your information, I was donor #1.
Yes, I’m a nerd.



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  • Bearasma

    nice to hear more miles bonny! Learn to fly always gets people asking ”who is that”…We need to get DJ Day and Miles, down here for a show ASAP!