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Future Classic: Mocky “Key Change”

Beats Soul

When the track “Tomorrow Maker” dropped two months ago, I immediately fell in love with this soulful voyage full of different moods and lovely mellow vocals. After playing the song five times in a row, I spent the rest of that day doing research to find out all I could about Mocky.

A Canadian born in Saskatchewan, Dominic Salole moved to Berlin to start his musical career in the city’s enormous electronic scene. In 2009, after 3 albums, his music starts going into a more organic jazzy and soulful sound on the excellent album “Saskamodie”. He packed up and moved again in 2011, this time to sunny LA where he did collaborated with a couple artists including up-and-coming songstress Kelela.

After two EP’s (Moxtape Vol. 1 & 2) that proved to everybody that the soul direction he had taken was still there, the new album “Key Change” is the perfect continuity. Other than “Tomorrow Maker”, tracks like the aptly-titled “Soulful Beat” or the sweet “Whistlin” are simply what I call timeless music. I know in 40 years I’m gonna take this LP out of my discography, drop the needle on it and smile while I have my morning coffee.

You can stream and buy the digital format on the bandcamp page or visit his website to pre-order the LP or CD and read the complete bio.

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