Two New Madvillain Snippets

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In their most recent podcast, Stones Throw leaked two new Madvillain unfinished tracks. The second one is my favorite. Madvillain is a hip-hop duo consisting of Mf Doom (MC/producer) and Madlib (MC aka Quasimoto/producer).

You can download the podcast for free over here:

Since the very first time I’ve listened to MF Doom back in 96, I always knew that he was a lyrical beast. As for Madlib, he will always surprise me by his production versatility on “Beat Conducta” (a collection of original hip-hop instrumentals) and on “As Yesterdays New Quintet” (a Jazz-based, hip hop and Electronic-influenced quintet made up of different fictitious characters).

Here are two tracks that shows the eclectic style of Madlib’s production:
Madlib – Indian Bells – The Beat Konducta in India (Vol. 3-4)
Yesterdays New Quintet – Julani – Angles Without Edges


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