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Mix of the Day: Seb Diamond & Kyle Kalma “Neon Podcast 11″

With only 1/3 of the summer left to go here is a mix you need to add to the “to-listen” pile, preferably on a sunny day. The mix is part of the NEON series, a collective who have been running some (most) of Montreal’s great electronic music events since 1998. Mix #11 in the series […]

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Future Classic: Throwback Zack “Messages From the Stars”

For this week’s show, I had the immense pleasure to introduce a guest mix from Shred One (Cherries Records/Sweater Funk), who will be at the next Voyage Funktastique monthly night (in Montreal) on Saturday August 2nd, alongside Lexis, Dr.MaD and yours truly. I often keep songs that I dig on the side, so that I […]

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Future Classic: Jacob Collier “Don’t You Worry About a Thing” (Scott C’s GOODS Touch Up)

Music Is My Sanctuary presents this brilliant Scott C remix of Jacob Collier‘s “Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing”, a Stevie Wonder standard. from Scott C: “I discovered the Youtube life of Jacob Collier only about a month ago. This amazing 19 year old London-based musician has mastered a gang of instruments, and combined with […]

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Future Classic: Rollrgrrl “Repent”

I never thought I’d see the day where my friend’s mom makes it to the MIMS front page! Working hard as a hairdresser during the day, she slaves away at sluggish sizzurp-fueled beats after dark, desperately trying to overpower the harmful side-effects from old-lady perm fumes. It’s a hard-knock life, but someone’s gotta do it. […]

east MIMS Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasures: East Flatbush Project “Tried By 12″ Remixes (1998)

When I was 17, I used to hangout with a guy named Fat Steve who lived in a suburb of Montreal called Cote-St-Luc. We’d chill in his bedroom at his mom’s house and listen to rap music after school. He had the fattest cat I’d ever seen in my life, and was obsessed with Quasimoto […]



The Rent Is Too Damn High!

Wow!!! This is what happens when you go on vacation and take an internet break. You miss out on all sorts of awesomeness and you feel left behind! Well, if you haven’t seen it yet this is Jimmy McMillan who is a candidate...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: La Melodia “Give it Up”

‘Give it Up’ is the official video for the first single of the ‘Electronic Love EP’ from La Melodia, which was released on September 9th, 2010. Representing Amsterdam, La Melodia is an hip-hop duo that includes MC Melod...
by Fullrange


ANDY WILLIAMS presents “My Favorite South African Tracks”

My good friend Andy Williams just finished his collaboration with the Pan African Space Station festival in South Africa. The P.A.S.S is an annual 30 day radio intervention and of course who better to represent us over there t...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Forgotten Treasure: Zapp “Computer Love”

Ultimate gangster lovin’ right here. Keeping in mind this track was released in 1984, if Roger Troutman and his talkbox only knew how much computer lovin’ was coming. Come to think of it what the hell where they ta...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Alaclair Ensemble “Fussy Fuss” Video

Boom Boom Clap! Alaclair Ensemble take it to the dark alleys for this one. This is for everyone who thought they were jokesters, this is real shit son! For anyone who don’t know about them, they are a Quebec & Montrea...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Inner City Ballet / Turf War

Super fresh dance video. Halfway between krump and contemporary dance this is a true ghetto ballet!
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Banksy x The Simpsons

Check the contreversial Simpsons video opening created by UK graffiti artist, Banksy.
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Native Instruments “Maschine”

Native Instruments presents Maschine 1.5, an amazing tool for producers. MPC-style drum programming, sequencing, sampling and so on.... Dope!
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


DELA presents “My Favorite Slept-on Records”

Dela for those who don’t know him yet is one of the dopest French producers out there. He’s been doing his thing for a while now but 2009 was definitely a high point for the Paris-based producer; he put out an album...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Dope up and coming new beatmaker!

Forget Flying Lotus, forget Skream or Exile… they’ve got nothing on this guy.
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Forgotten Treasure: Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band “Sunshower”

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band was a big band and swing-influenced disco band, formed in the Bronx, New York. They are best known for their #1 US dance hit, “Cherchez la femme” sampled by Ghostface Killa...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Randy Moss is back!

Randy is going back to rocking the purple 84. Should be interesting! Since Moss is going to back to his bad ass Vikings days I thought it would be time to reminisce about my favorite quote from Randy. “Straight Cash Homey...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Hypnotic Brass Ensemble “Heritage”

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble can do no wrong. The brothers have gained well-deserved respect all over the world for their hot brass sound (not to mention consistent Lab best sellers), and now they give the fans a taste of the music ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Black Milk “Welcome (Gotta Go)” video

Detroit’s finest hip-hop producer and Emcee Black Milk returns with the second video from his latest full-length “Album of the Year” out now on Fat Beats / Decon.
by Fullrange


Music Is My Sanctuary – Show #39

Sorry for the delay since the last show, it has been a little longer than usual. It’s been a pretty busy summer in terms of Dj-ing and shows and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon! Coming up: ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)