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XI presents “7 Jungle Tracks that changed my life”

Had the pleasure to play with XI last weekend as part of the Pop Montreal festival and although I was a fan of his production for a little while now I found out we had a lot in common when it comes to our dj-ing tastes. He played a lot of that real next-level future shit, jukey-808 nostalgia, and that grime and garage ting! I asked him to write me up a MIMS List and pick a theme of his choice. Here goes! Very interesting read full of discoveries.

XI: “Jungle was the staple of my electronic music initiation and these 7 tracks were instrumental in shaping my view of the sound! I think that from looking at this list it is obvious that drums are of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping my ears interested.”

Dillinja “Silver Blade”

Dillinja – Silver Blade

Future Cut “Whiplash”
2000 (Renegade Hardware)

Future Cut – Whiplash

Photek “Consciousness”
1994 (Metalheadz)

Photek – Consciousness

Krust “Warhead”
1997 (V Recordings)

Dj Krush – Warhead

Technical Itch “The ruckus”
2002 (Penetration Records)

Technical Itch – The Ruckus

Mystical Influence “Dub Plate Pressure”
1996 (Vinyl Syndicate)

Mystical Influence – Dubplate pressure

Equinox “Acid Rain”
2004 (Insperspective Records)

Equinox – Acid Rain

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