Tribute to DAVID AXELROD – Selected by Walla P

David Axelrod was one of my favourite producer/arranger, especially as I was looking for breaks and samples as a younger beat producer. He was even my PSN user name – daxelrod. One thing you needed to know about Axelrod’s tracks is that even if it sounded like it didn’t have …



Future Classic

Future Classics
Electronic Jazz

Afrikan Sciences “Infinite Instant”

Afrikan Sciences returns with his distinct sonic identity percolating forward. Eric Douglas Porter, who performs under the moniker of Afrikan Sciences, releases his distinctive three song EP, “Infinite Instant”. Sonically, these three songs engender dissimilar characteristics in tone and presentation, but still retain all the beautiful and peculiar traits that …


Forgotten Treasure

Forgotten Treasures
Soul & Funk

Maryn E. Coote “Maskeraade” (PPU)

via PPU: Our debut compilation from our favourite femme, Maryn E. Coote. This compilation features previously released material featured on PPU-061 with her son Uku Kuut. Suggestive gave us access to the endless trove of studio recordings, out-takes, demos, and new material from the Estonian-Swedish singer/songwriter. Maskeraad by Maryn E. Coote …


Exclusive Guest Mixes

Guest Mix

MIMS Guest Mix: BEVIN CAMPBELL (Melbourne, PBS)

Bevin Campbell, eclectic DJ and host of the program The Blend on PBS Melbourne, comfortably jumps from hip hop and beats to the strictly electronic, slotting into the requirements of drum’n’bass, jungle, footwork, house, techno, experimental, bass, grime, glitch and beyond. His love for music and future direction was cemented as a …