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24 HOV Mixes: RILLY GUILTY (Montreal)

Here is a pretty awesome mix rescued from our very first “24 Hours of Vinyl” event. The whole event was probably my personal favorite of 2011 because I had some of Montreal’s most interesting DJ’s come through will absolutely wonderful music. It was quite the religious experience actually!

Well, definitely one of the highlights of the first edition was the homie Rilly Guilty‘s set. When he told me a few days before he was going to do an all jazz set I knew it was going to be something to remember. And it was…

Started things off with Thad Jones & Mel Lewis‘ version of “For The Love of Money”, some Stanley Clark, A Certain Ration. A bit of Sun Ra and Brother Jack McDuff later too. Please excuse the occasional overdubs but this mix was recorded live after 12 hours of no sleep!

Guilty sez: “This mix is simply music that inspires me, things that I listen to while figuring it all out. Rhythms, complexities, simplicity, all crafted with care. Songs that are the product of many peoples search, not of perfection, but of capturing something real.”

Guest Mix : Rilly Guilty

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