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Wax Poetics Issue #47

Born from a thought and willed into being by one man, Earth, Wind & Fire became one of the biggest acts of the 1970s. Ramsey Lewis always operated in the popular realm, even making people dance with his 1965 hit record “The ‘In’ Crowd,” which epitomized the soul-jazz sound. Roy …


Wax Poetics Issue #46 (George Benson & George Duke)

It’s that time again. Once every two months music nerds around the world start getting that itch. That feeling that a crisp brand new edition of our beloved Wax Po might be out. Every two months i’m curious to see what the main stories will be about. Last issue was …


Wax Poetics : The Dance Issue #45

Oh my lord, this one’s gonna be awesome! I am a music magazine junkie. But most importantly, I am a Wax Poetics junkie. For me, the once every two months issue is agonizingly slow! Well this one is gonna be awesome because after jazz, rock, rap, reggae specials… it is …


Wax Poetics #44

WARʼs tight core of prolific players fused worldwide rhythms with all-day authority WAR keyboardist Lonnie Jordan soldiers on SYL JOHNSON put the blues in R&B AL KOOPER gave his soul for rock and roll JOHNNY COLÓN embraced R&B to fortify Latin music in the ʼ60s ALSO INCLUDES: CLAUS OGERMAN MELVIN …

Wax Poetics - Issue 43 - Reggae Special

Wax Poetics #43 “The Reggae Issue”

I am sooo looking forward to getting my hands on this one. I haven’t missed an issue since about #10 and this won’t will definitely not be an exception! Reggae special with Augusto Pablo and Gregory Isaacs gracing the covers. In this issue Gregory Isaacs Augusto Pablo Sugar Minott Bob …


Wax Poetics #41 “Hip-Hop Issue”

The new issue of our favorite record nerd magazine is out. #41 is a Hip-Hop focused issue. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Visit WAX POETICS here Featuring: Ice Cube, Ice-T, EPMD, DJ Disco Whiz, Supreme Photo Essay, Grandmixer DXT, Latin Freestyle, Easy Mo Bee Record Rundown, DJ …


Wax Poetics #37 “Michael Jackson Issue”

Ok ok, I know everyone is a bit MJ‘ed out. We all love Michael and everything but you even get sick of butterscotch ice cream after the kind of bombardment we’ve been facing from Larry King, TMZ and the likes. Although… If there is one mag I was looking forward …