Guest Mix #26: HOTEL INTEROCÉANIQUE (Cologne, Germany)

Hotel Interocéanique presents “From Cumbia to India“ H.I. is a Cologne Based Clique of Djs & Musicians dedicated to Raï, Future Funk, Bollywood Themes and all kinds of other phonetical sweets from planet earth...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Guest Mix: KOBAL “Haiti Legba Sound” (Forgotten Treasures from Haiti)

KOBAL is one of Montreal’s best and most respected music diggers and DJ’s. In the past 15 years you could find him anywhere in the city where vinyl records are sold. He is currently part of the Canicule Tropicale c...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Mix of the Day: La Mano Peluda “Calavera Volume 1″

Montreal and tropical music have a strange ongoing attraction dynamic. People of many cultures have left records here to be discovered and many of them have formed bands on this soil. (as exposed in this tropical mix featured o...
by DJ Asma



Future Classic: Boogat “Eres Hecha Para Mí”

I never bought into “post-racial” as an idea. What we are still goes a long way to explain who we are, regardless of what the politically-correct try to hammer down our collective ear. Boogat is a prime example of h...
by Markings