Jazz Top 30 – The Official MIMS Chart

Brand new Jazz selections hand-picked by the Music Is My Sanctuary team, updated weekly! (Cover Photo: Kamaal Williams by Bruno Destombes)

In today’s times, access to new releases and information has never been easier. Because of this one can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite amount of options available at any given time. Possibly now more than ever, the role of human curators has never been more needed, and that’s where The Official MIMS Charts come in!



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Important Notes:
– We are picking tracks available on Spotify and Apple Music. There are always a lot of vinyl only tracks we’d love to include, but will keep pushing those releases in our weekly Crucial Material posts and on the rest of the site.
– If you discover a new artist with these selections, we highly recommend you check out the full record and consider buying a physical or digital copy. Without the hard work of these artists and labels there wouldn’t be any music for us all to enjoy!