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Forgotten Treasure: Three 6 Mafia

Much like my earlier post on Dipset, Three-6-Mafia was a group I had to learn to fully grasp before i could truly embrace its music. I remember seeing Hypnotize Minds Records’ ads in The Source magazine and being dumbfounded at  Read more  »

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An Introduction to WAAJEED (Bling47, Detroit)

Waajeed is a jack of all trades as a graphic artist, labelhead and producer. The latter is his most prolific persona and his dazzling array of futuristic boombap soundscapes will be on display on april 19th as part of the  Read more  »

Don Blackman

Don Blackman – RIP (1953 – 2013)

Don Blackman is an enigmatic figure in the musical realm. He has rubbed elbows with the best and produced a masterpiece solo record, yet he has never gotten the recognition he fully deserved. Indeed his resume reads like a Rock-n-Roll  Read more  »

Dipset "More than Music"
Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Dipset “More than Music” (2005)

Dipset is synonymous with the last great crew takeover from NYC’s rap scene. Led by veteran KillaCam, the Dipset movement spread quickly through mixtapes and huge hits fueled by montrous beats from Just Blaze and  then newcomer Araabmuzik. (peep this  Read more  »

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NTSC “Rappin’ To The Beat” (Video Mixtape Volume 1)

I always love old school hiphop mixtapes, but this is a next level video mixtape that takes us through the iconic songs of hip-hop’s inception. So many classic beats, dope rhymes, funkyfresh styles and vocal samplespotting (huh? What!) woven together  Read more  »