Rinse FM “18 Years” The Video Recap

“As Rinse FM reaches it’s 18th Birthday we track down some of the people who have been around since the very beginning as well as the people who have contributed to making the station what it is today. We travelled to renowned Rinse landmarks to conjure up nostalgic memories with some of the original pioneers of Rinse FM.

In a series of short films in the run up to the Rinse 18th birthday weekend, we document key moments of our history. We pay homage to artists who have collectively shaped and influenced the UK music scene. From Lady ST and Uncle Dugs reminiscing on their very first years at Rinse FM, to DJ Slimzee’s fourth-floor ASBO and we take you on a first hand experience into our quest for an FM licence.”

We explore the musical, cultural and social impact that Rinse FM has made not just in London but globally.”