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Future Classic: Beneath “Send”

Didn’t know too much about this producer from Sheffield called Beneath. But I was on the Punch Drunk website, one of my favorite labels, and they had this mysterious blurb about this white label pressed only in 200 copies. And, well you know me. I’m kind of a nerd and that’s enough of a selling point to at least click play.

Well, let’s just say it didn’t take me too long to click ADD TO CART and grab one of those bad boys. It’s a really strong 4 tracker working the fine line between UK Funky and that new school wave of UK rude bwoy techno!

The limited (200 copies) hand-stamped white label on his own No Symbols imprint, is out now, and features four no-nonsense productions that are making everything else around right now sound pretty stale. Preview them all via the Souncloud player below. You’ll be hearing me play this a whooole lot!

Available at No Symbols Shop, Boomkat, Red Eye, BM Soho & Punch Drunk. Vinyl Only.

Support from Wifey DJs, Blackdown & Dusk, Smoove Kriminal, Pinch, Swing Ting, Mosca and MusicIsMySanctuary’s Lexis!

Release/catalogue number: NOSY001


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