Forgotten Treasures

Chris Simmonds Project “Work It (Mike Huckaby Remix)” (1993)

House / Techno

A UK producer, a Detroit remixer, and a Canadian label. How did that happen?

Before founding his label Cross Sections Records in 1994, Chris Simmonds was producing and operating Baby Blue Records. This label was specializing in Hardcore / Ragga / Rave / early Jungle. A trip to Detroit in 1993 changed Mr. Simmonds perspective. Here’s the reason of the hookup with Mike Huckaby and Definitive Records heads at the time: John Acquaviva, Richie Hawtin & Karl Kowalksi. Plus 8 was making some major moves at the time, having hit records all over Europe, while Definitive was set to spread their idea of the “perfect House track”.

Now back to “Work It”… The original itself is solid, but the Mike Huckaby remixes are kinda stealing the show! Mr. Huckaby is truly a man of many trades. He can produce classic Detroit Techno, Minimal Dub affairs, and Deep Disco House. Here, he’s on a massive Garage tip! This just sounds like a lost NJ / NYC track with that Detroit ruffer edge. This has been a favourite of mine for ages, and with that ’90s House revival now, it’s sounds just right!

Chris Simmonds Project - Work It (Mike Huckaby's Reworkin It Remix)
The RawSoul

The RawSoul

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