MIMS at Igloofest 2013

Photos: Igloofest 2013 – Week 3

We’re feeling very fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Igloofest to share our love of UK Garage with the people there. Needless to say that we had a lot of fun during the whole night, playing some of our favor...
by Philippe Sawicki


MIMS Guide to Igloofest 2013 – Week 3

This upcoming Igloofest weekend might very well be the one we here at Music Is My Sanctuary, are the most excited about. Not only will we have another opportunity to enjoy the festival with the many thousands of people who gath...
by Philippe Sawicki

Igloofest 2013 - Week 2 (PhilippeSawicki)-thumb

Photos: Igloofest 2013 – Week 2

It’s already been 6 nights of snow under freezing temperatures, but we’re only halfway through this year’s Igloofest festival. Our picture recap of the previous weekend include BPitch Control head Ellen Allien...
by Philippe Sawicki


Igloofest 2013 - Philippe Sawicki (thumb)

MIMS Guide to Igloofest 2013 – Week 2

Igloofest did not lose any time shifting into gears to begin the new year, starting off strong in its first weekend of festivities with a diversity of sounds from both the past and the future. From the tech-house of veterans Jo...
by Philippe Sawicki

Igloofest 2013 - Artbeat (Philippe Sawicki) thumb

Photos: Igloofest 2013 – Week 1

The first weekend of Igloofest is just over and we have already witnessed all the required conditions for the proper enjoyment of the festival. From above-freezing temperature to -30 degrees, from snowy nights to beautiful star...
by Philippe Sawicki


MIMS Guide to Igloofest 2013 – Week 1

With merely a few days into 2013, Montreal is about to showcase its busy event calendar right from the beginning of the new year with what may be the most Canadian outdoor event there is: Igloofest. After a couple of record-bre...
by Philippe Sawicki



NYE 2012 in Montreal : THE GOODS with Lexis, Scott C, Andy Williams, Kobal

As the year comes to a close (and the world comes to an end) here at The GOODS we’re getting ready to party like its 1999 and we’d like you come along. Joining residents ANDY WILLIAMS and SCOTT C are local heroes DJ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

Music Is My Sanctuary – Best of 2012

MIMS’ Best of 2012 Night! (Dec 15th in Montreal)

Every website or magazine dreads the end of the year because we all know that it’s the time of the year that calls for those BEST OF lists. An exercise that is necessary but oh so painful. We will once again be doing that...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


‎SHIGETO, B.LEWIS & SONNYMOON + Kaytradamus & Sevdee

Can’t say how excited we are for this one! Such a solid lineup for you Montreal heads. Triple lineup featuring California’s B.LEWIS, Detroit’s SHIGETO and Boston’s SONNYMOON. And if that wasn’t goo...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


24 Hours of Vinyl Mixes: DJ ASMA

24HOV Mixes: DJ ASMA (Montreal)

Here is one of our favorite mixes from our 5th edition of 24 Hours of Vinyl. Our frequent (and amazing) collaborator ASMA was on his first appearance at the 24HOV and he stepped up in a major way! He played a morning set and th...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

MIMS Monthly Party in Montreal

MIMS Monthly Party in Montreal (Saturday September 15th)

After years of considering it we finally gave in to the temptation and started the first official regular Music Is My Sanctuary night. What a better way to kick things off than with the amazing time we had at the first edition ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

24 Hours of Vinyl Mix: Ghostbeard

24HOV Mixes: GHOSTBEARD (Montreal, Ninja Tune)

One of many amazing mixes from our last 24 Hours Of Vinyl event. All vinyl. Tons of classics. Mad vibes. This one comes from the man GHOSTBEARD, head honcho of Ninja Tune in Montreal. Such a dope set. Seriously… take note...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)