Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).

DJ Mitsu The Beats “Solid Black” – a Black Jazz mix

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via SOTU: In conjunction with Snow Dog Projects and Black Jazz Records, Jazzy Sport crew member DJ Mitsu The Beats has composed a seamless mix of tracks selected from the Black Jazz catalog. Well-known for his hip-hop mixes, Mitsu takes a 20+ year veteran DJ’s perspective here, more often than not segueing complete tracks, as opposed to doubling and cutting breaks, for a 70+ minute trip through vintage 1970s spiritual jazz that a listener can lose themselves in.

Of course, beats and breaks and funk abound here, but the emphasis of this mix lands on the original label’s (Black Jazz) overall vibe, while highlighting the funkier edge to the catalog, one that has collectors chasing original vinyl copies to this day. This is part one of a three-disc mix series, coordinated with remastered reissues of the original albums on CD, featuring newly-discovered photographs and artwork. Features artists such as Doug Carn, Henry Franklin, Rudolph Johnson, The Awakening, Walter Bishop Jr., Chester Thompson, Gene Russell, Roland Haynes, Kellee Patterson and Calvin Keys.

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1. Doug Carn — Infant Eyes
2. Henry Franklin — Soft Spirit
3. Rudolph Johnson — Little Dance
4. The Awakening — Kera’s Dance
5. Walter Bishop Jr. — Coral Keys
6. Chester Thompson — Trip One
7. Walter Bishop Jr — Waltz For Zweetie
8. Gene Russell — Listen Here
9. Kellee Patterson — Magic Wand Of Love
10. Calvin Keys — Aunt Lovely
11. Gene Russell — The Get Down
12. Chester Thompson — Power House
13. Rudolph Johnson — Time And Space
14. Doug Carn — Higher Ground
15. Rudolph Johnson — Diswa
16. The Awakening — Mode For D.D.
17. The Awakening — Slinky
18. Roland Haynes — Funky Mama Moose
19. The Awakening — Brand New Feeling
20. Rudolph Johnson — The Highest Pleasure
21. Walter Bishop Jr. — Keeper Of My Soul
22. Henry Franklin — Plastic Creek Stomp
23. Kellee Patterson — Maiden Voyage
24. Doug Carn — Revelation
25. Rudolph Johnson — Fonda
26. Henry Franklin — Little Miss Laurie
27. Calvin Keys — Shawn-Neeq
28. Gene Russell — For Heaven’s Sake