Exclusive Premiere: Veezo “Themonolith”(feat. Technoir)


CT-HI Records are back at it again after a brief hiatus in order to develop the Jaxx Madicine project, started by Turbojazz and label founder Parker Madicine.

During this period the label were joined by an Italian pianist and producer called Veezo, who they collaborated with on the making of their Distant Classic album and a number of EPs and remixes that came out on labels like Local Talk, Visions Rec, Dirt Crew and Eureka. Following on from their recent Japanese tour as Jaxx Madicine Trio, CT-HI are now ready to unleash Monolith, the debut solo EP from Veezo.
Over the course of eight tracks, Veezo lays down his manifesto and illustrates the artist’s inspired heritage. Raw and dirty 12-Bit grooves, tape delay and acid tinged arpeggios collide with elements of Afrobeat, accompanied by warm Fender Rhodes and luscious pads, showcasing Veezo’s remarkable musical creativity.

The two vocal tracks – featuring the unique talents of David Shorty and the Technoir duo – are outings in raw deep house and mutant boogie that are both drenched in the influence of spiritual jazz.
A variety of musicians participated in the recording of Monolith, providing live bass, trumpet, sax, trombone and drum takes straight to an Akai tape recorder, adding further to the dirty, orchestral feel of the release.


About Veezo

Veezo started to fall in love with jazz immediately after hearing ‘Moanin’’ by Bobby Simmons. This eventually led to the young Italian artist locking himself in his room and studying piano around the clock. He performed his first live show in the presence of the legendary Italian musician, Tullio De Piscopo, with whom he went on to collaborate with for many years.
It was during this period that he began to dig into modular synthesizers and the art of sampling, further refining his studio chops and allowing him to carve out his new signature sound. It is also around this time that he begun collaborating with Parker Madicine and Turbojazz on what is now known as the Jaxx Madicine Trio. The experience pushed Veezo to experiment further with electronic sounds resulting in his first solo EP, Themonolith on CTHI Records.

CT-HI Records

CT-HI is an Italian record label established in 2013 in Milan and run by founder Parker Madicine and Turbojazz. Consisting of an eclectic mix of producers, DJs, singers and musicians with one shared goal – to investigate the contemporary sounds of electronic music with a firm grounding in hip- hop. Forever, diggin’ in crates for inspiring soul & jazz records, they aim to revisit the magic of this music with a Detroit inspired spin, in a quest to create something new and inspiring. This is where we wanna go. No boundaries.

Cover art by Japanese artist Tokio Aoyama.


A1 RHTBmk2 02:26
A2 themonolith (feat. Technoir) 03:26
A3 pandapron 01:42
A4 sfinge 04:o3
B1 altairIVsunsets 01:43
B2 silentdawn (feat. Davide Shorty) 03:17 B3 induction 02:38
B4 dinosonVHS 03:15

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