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Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Buster Williams “Vibrations” featuring Roy Ayers (1976)


For me sundays are all about listening to chilled out music while doing some stuff around the house.

This 11 minute track came out on bass player Buster Williams‘ 1976 record called Crystal Reflections but Vibrations has really has Roy Ayers written all over it, he composed it and played vibes and arp string ensemble on it. I’ll never say it enough: Roy Ayers is a musical genius and is criminally underrated.

Hip-hop heads might also recognize it as the source for Big L‘s “Put It On” produced by Buckwild (video below)

There is a shitty sounding 6 minute version of the track on youtube but I took the time to rip the record to share the dope 11 minute version with you all. Also make sure you check out the video below which is a live performance of “Vibrations” shot in Kansas of all places…

Buster Williams - Vibrations featuring Roy Ayers

“Vibrations” live in Kansas, 1976

Big L “Put It On” (Produced by Buckwild)