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Forgotten Treasure: Jackie Beavers “Mr. Bump Man”

Since I was talked about the CD release of the awesome collection of edits from Detroit’s Theo Parrish called “UGLY Edits” I figured i’d post at least one original version of one of those refixes. I didn’t know about this track before Christian Pronovost played it this summer at a gig we had with Jerome Derradji (label boss of Still Music in Chicago).

What an absolutely deadly record right here courtesy of Jackie Beavers. If you can’t get down to this one I seriously don’t even want to talk to you anymore. The record was released in ’74 on Seventy Seven Records, then in ’75 on Buddah. I see one copy for sale right now for 45$. But if you’re interested you can buy a pretty good quality version on Itunes (link)

Jackie Beavers – Mr. Bump Man


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