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Exclusive Premiere: The Offline “Le Club”

Soul & Funk

As the days grow longer and the weather slowly begins to warm up, The Offline has gifted us with a sonic journey to the summertime with his latest release on “Le Club”. Through his blend of cinematic soul and funk, the track invokes the mood of carefree travels to popular surf spots along the French coast.

The Offline seamlessly connects his new track to the sonics of his first project, continuing his journey into an analogue feel reminiscent of old funk and jazz albums that are often sampled in hip-hop. This cohesive style shows his growth as an artist while still maintaining a consistent sound.

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The soulfully visual tune is elevated by its dramatic and cinematic arrangements, paying homage to the moody soundtracks of 1960s and 1970s film composers such as Francois de Roubaix, Brian Bennet, and David Axelrod. The track is a true sonic journey, transporting listeners to a place of summer adventure and nostalgia.

The Offline jumped online for a moment to tell us ““Le Club came about when I was hanging out at a French beach on a sunny summer afternoon. I was capturing moments on my analogue camera, but also wanted to interpret those moments sonically. After arriving back in Hamburg, I teamed up with a bunch of great musicians to bring the track to life.”

Due to drop on Roots Records, 16 March, “Le Club” marks his first single since his 2022 debut EP ‘En Clar-Obscur’, and a perfect continuation of the Hamburg-based composer and photographer Felix Müller instrumental cinematic soul project, The Offline. Part of the DeepMatter Records family, Root Records specialise in instrumental music free of genre restraints.

The Offline’s ability to create a soundscape that so vividly captures the essence of a season is a testament to his talent as a musician. This latest release is perfect for those looking to escape to the warm, sunny days of summer, and is sure to be a go-to track for beach trips, backyard barbecues, and any other summer adventure that lies ahead.

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