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Forgotten Treasure: Max Berlin “Elle et moi”

This is some serious sleazy disco action right here, straight out of Belgium from the gloriously cheesy 80′s. I discovered this record not that long ago and after about 5 seconds I was in love with it. Really simple, minimal disco à la Giorgio Moroder or Cerrone, actually Max Berlin (Jean-Pierre Cerrone) IS Cerrone’s brother..

The vocal from Max Berlin sounds like a mix Serge Gainsbourg and Bernard Lavilliers, but we’re not saying all the french dudes sound alike! The track has attained a bit of a cult classic status after being reissued on labels like Tigersushi and Compost. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this but a 7″ version costs around 50$…

Max Berlin – Elle et moi (1978)


Also check out this re-edit from my good friend and talented producer Phil Sparkz


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  • da V

    I also only just recently discovered this treasure and am in love with it. So much better that I do speak french and the lyrics are simply awesome! But I can’t find the full lyrics in the net – the end part is always missing… Anyway, great, great stuff here!

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      Yessss! I love it too… it’s so gangster! Very Gainsbourg…
      Hope you discover tons of stuff on here!
      Much love from Montreal

  • http://twitter.com/fullrange fullrange

    So minimal so good !