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Aie Chat

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Forgotten Treasure: Ti-Paris “Ti-Paris et sa guitare”

I have a lot of memories that revolve around music and my family.  The most beautiful ones, are those with my grandfather. He is a lover of the Haitian music and generally, the music of the Caribbean. The summers at his place and when he puts his hawaian shirt all unbuttoned one with his big box full of mangos and his small radio, he listened to Ti-Paris while eating all the mangos and my grandmother treated it of gluttonous and that it had to pay attention to his rate of sugar. 

And if his guitar happened to be near him, he sang me all the songs of Ti-Paris. The vinyl of Ti-Paris et sa Guitare has been in my childhood and this is an essential one when you’re haitian, Ti-Paris is the father of the Haitian music and group such as Haiti Troubadour, Black  Parents influenced themselves of his music.

Ti-Paris et sa Guitare