Olive “You’re Not Alone” (EQ Why Remix)

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of the sub-sub-sub genres and wacky combinations comes along a word that made me do a double take and instantly peeked my curiosity. TRANCEWORK?

Yeah, Footwork + Trance = Trancework.

I never though I would ever find an acceptable reason to post a track by 90’s dance uber cheese classic “You’re Not Alone” by Olive which I did of course absolutely love when I was about 12 but here it is. Give it that 160 BPM Footwork flavour and there you have it, pure awesomeness. For the next 5 minutes at least before I get tired of that song and forget it for another 15 years. Check out info about the Trancework compilation coming out soon, below the track.


“London sorts Long Clothing and We Buy Gold have roped together a selection of producers operating at footwork tempo – DJ Paypal, Leatherface, Slick Shoota and Sines amongst them – and got them to remix trance classics, footwork-style. And so you get Paypal remixing ATB’s ’9pm Til I Come’, EQ Why juking out Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone’, stuff like that.

Trancework will be released as a free mixtape next Wednesday via the Long Clothing website – til then, we’re giving out EQ Why’s remix of Olive below. Welcome to Chibiza, enjoy your stay.”

Da Hool – Meet her at the Love Parade (Slick Shoota Remix)
Paul Van Dyk – For an angel (Gash & Simtek Remix)
CRW – I feel love (Nikes & Mike G Remix)
Storm – Storm (Sarantis Remix)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Taz Remix)
ATB – 9pm (til I come) (DJ Paypal Remix)
Fragma – Toca’s miracle (Ticklish Remix)
DJ Jean – The launch (My Life Extra LDN 94 Remix)
System F – Out of the blue (Junglord Remix)
Age of Love – Age of Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar (Deville Remix)
Mauro Picotto- Iguana (Wheez-ie Bootleg)
Chicane – Saltwater (Leatherface Remix)
Moogwai – Viola (Sidney Looper Remix)
Albion – Air (Footmerc Remix)
DJ Dado – X Files (DJ Flawlez Remix)
Olive – You’re not alone (EQ Why Remix)
Alice Deejay – Better off alone (Shauny B VIP)
Robert Miles – Children (Sines Remix)



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