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Future Classic: Jose James “Vicadin”

José James began the process of creation of “Blackmagic” with Los Angeles beat mangler Flying Lotus (Warp / Brainfeeder) in April 2008. Throwing all their ideas between east and west coast, this duo has produced a handful of experimental hip-hop beats & melodies. This future classic is no exemption. “Vicatin” is an another confirmation of what José James is capable of, by collaborating with creative producers around the world.

As I look to the future, two questions comes to my mind. How many albums José will release in 2011 ? And what kind of collaboration do you expect from him ? I hope that he will pursuit is jazz exploration by teaming up with the talented trumpeter Matthew Hallsall from Gondwana Records.

Jose James – Vicadin (produced by Flying Lotus)


About the Author

fullrange is another like-minded music head who is a really great digger and tastemaker. The guy especially knows his jazz shit!

  • http://www.playjazzloud.com JC

    nice one! lovely track.

    • http://www.musicismysanctuary.com Lexis

      Ya huh. You know you have a strong album when a track like this doesn’t even make it on….

  • http://www.mixcloud.com/perfectvibe The hedonist

    Jose James teamed up with Matthew Halsall would have to include Nat Birchall in the mix too. Maybe we should drop GP a line. I’m sure that with his Brownswood connections he could make it happen

    • Fullrange

      Interesting idea to put Nat Birchall in this collaboration. I’m sure that GP had already seen the potential of this trio. You add Richard Spaven on the drum and you have a great jazz band.