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Hakan Lidbo @ TED x Göteborg

I found a really interesting and thought provoking presentation – as a lot of TED conferences are – by Swedish musician Hakan Lidbo. I had the pleasure of DJ-ing at the TEDxMontreal event last year and it was great to listen to all these amazing ideas from such diverse areas of specialization. I’m posting this one because it does raise a lof of interesting thoughts (albeit very abstract) about the role and possibilities of music in the future.

“Can you play tennis without seeing? Swedish musician and electronic producer Håkan Lidbo is always on the lookout for new challenges. With his project InvisiBall he has created a tennis game where you rely solely on your hearing. It is played blindfolded or by blind people. Your racket becomes a musical instrument and your movements create a greater composition. There seem to be no limits to Håkan’s musical excursions, and he now presents a whole new way of combining sports and music.”