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MIMS Guide to Igloofest 2013 – Week 3

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This upcoming Igloofest weekend might very well be the one we here at Music Is My Sanctuary, are the most excited about.

Not only will we have another opportunity to enjoy the festival with the many thousands of people who gather each night to witness the sound of electronic music under the starry winter night, we will also be able to stand on the other side of the stage and share our love and passion for music with like-minded people.

And for that particular occasion, we feel fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity by Igloofest to feature a full night of UK Garage with our very own Montreal experts on the matter, Lexis and Dr. Love… also, there will be very few chances of the night being cancelled because of rain. A huge relief, considering our last ventures outdoors with Piknic Electronik, when we played (or almost played) with Julio Bashmore and Floating Points under the deluge.

And on the day before, on January 31th, A Tribe Called Red will perform on the main stage, bringing their now landmark sound of ancestral native percussions and voice samples reinterpreted in a more “contemporary” fashion. A showcase of the liveliness of the native heritage through the means of “club” music, layered with affirmative action vis-à-vis the imagery of the First Nations in Western culture, in an attempt to hopefully help bridge the gap between communities.

DJ Lexis @ Piknic Electronik 2011 (Philippe Sawicki)

DJ Lexis @ Piknic Electronik 2011 (Philippe Sawicki)

Poirier & A Tribe Called Red @ Karnival v.9 (Philippe Sawicki)

Poirier & A Tribe Called Red @ Karnival v.9 (Philippe Sawicki)

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