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Mofak “Mofeezy 2”

Modern Funk

Mofak, the Marseille talkbox master, is back with his newest project “Mofeezy 2” – a 6 track EP which is guaranteed to bring you the “stank face” as you press play.

I had the privilege to hear it prior to its official release while I was in the Citée Phocéenne for a show, riding in Mofak’s car, cruising in the streets before a pit stop at a Shisha Lounge. The verdict? One of my favourite releases on the Modern Funk scene in 2017.

I’ve got a special preference for “Girls” featuring Chago Williams, and also “Freak With Me” which comes with a dope video clip (see below). The EP offers also a feel good anthem “We Jammin” with the good homie MC Originate, reppin’ the South Shore of Montreal. The Outro “Funk Off” delivers a slowed down G-Funk / Hip Hop atmosphere, which reflects the constant Los Angeles influence throughout the project.

Mofak’s reputation as a producer and live performer is solid, especially in the dancing community, where he’s extremely active, and he’s been collaborating with some of the best G-Funk producers/rappers in the game, and his versatility is also praised; the man can make about any type of genre. He also started, along with his homie Karim, a monthly funk party in Marseille, at Dar La Mifa, which is under the Funk Freaks banner. Make sure to check him out.

“Mofeezy 2” released September 23, 2017

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