Piri “Vocês Querem Mate?” (Far Out Recordings)

Roberto Quartin is one of the unsung heroes of Brazilian musical history. In 1969 he sold the rights to Polygram Records and started his own self-titled label Quartin Records in which he released “Vocês Querem Mate?”, an unbeknownst psych-folk debut of obscure singer songwriter Piry Reis. Robert Quartin has also released …



Future Classic

Future ClassicsInterviews
House / Techno Worldwide Sounds

Teleseen “The Emotional Life Of Savages” (Goldmin Records)

African rhythms, Latin heat and otherworldly electronics collide like neurons, processed through a New York state of mind. Teleseen’s Jazz background combined with a love for House and Techno are ingrained in the grooves. Also key is the Samba, Baile Funk and MPB that inspired him while living in Rio …


Forgotten Treasure

Forgotten Treasures
Broken Beat Disco Eclectic Soul & Funk

Alex Attias Presents “LillyGood Party!” (BBE Records)

Even on the fourth installment of his “LillyGood Party” Compilation, Veteran producer Alex Attias is still cognizant of details that transform undetermined bodies moving, into a dance floor. About four minutes in on the forgotten 2009 foot-stomper ‘Midnite Magic’ by Tokyo based New Wave trio Cro-Magnon featuring Roy Ayers, the …


Exclusive Guest Mixes

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Chromatic Festival Mix Series 2018

Started in 2009 by MASSIVart, Chromatic Montreal is above all a generator of cultural experiences. Whether visual, sound, or digital, they aim to celebrate the arts in all their forms, giving free rein to everyone’s sensibilities and interpretations. Throughout the year, the team deploys a series of events that promote …