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Album Of The Week: Allysha Joy “Acadie : Raw” (Gondwana Records)


Melbourne, Australia’s Allysha Joy steps into the spotlight and delivers her powerful debut album “Acadie : Raw”.

Hers might sound like a new name, but if you heard the 30/70 album on Rhythm Section last year or caught their awesome live show, you should already be quite familiar with Allysha Joy‘s powerful and soulful voice and knack for songwriting.

On “Acadie : Raw”, released on Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Records, that voice and songcraft truly shines across ten Soul jams, slow and steady to head-nod cracking.

Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, it’s all there, gentle yet gritty. It’s perfect music to wind down to or warm up to. Highlights include the contemporary Neo Soul vibes of ‘Selfish’, kicking Jazz of ‘Know Your Power’, the hushed tones of ‘Honesty’, the drum-led groove of ‘Doom’ and quiet dawn power of ‘Swallow Me’.

“Acadie : Raw” released September 21, 2018 on Gondwana Records

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