Forgotten Treasures

Anubis “Ecology” (1972, Athens Of The North)

Soul & Funk

via JUNO: The Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited paid homage to the Greek gods in the ’70s with this unique one-off offering.

“Ecology” is a sweet, rolling soul slice with glistening guitars and a velvet almost Sun-Ra style jazz aesthetic. “Anubis” is more of a driving, evocative Troubleman-style groove with vocals that build and gather momentum around each other with an almost gospel-like sensation. Powerful… as always from Athens Of The North.

This was the only single Anibus managed to release back in 1972. The 45 didn’t gain the movement they hoped and the bandmates went their separate ways leaving behind this amazing 7 inch. Bobby is still alive and well so let’s put things right and get this record on the turntable, a truly classy, deep, and mindful 45!

“Ecology” reissued May 22, 2017 on Athens Of The North

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