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Future Classic: Jamma-Dee “Vol 2” (Arcane NY)

Beats Soul & Funk

In the past 30 years of underground dance music many labels and artists have gone for the tried and tested strategy of “mysterious marketing”: ultra-limited vinyl runs, cryptic information on the release and the artist, hand-made artwork. Part of the fun lies in trying to figure out who is hiding behind the project. It makes nerds like me go crazy. Of course, this tactic only works if the music is actually worth all the effort.

The Arcane imprint can play this game and fits the description perfectly even down to the name (meaning “understood by few, mysterious or secret”). The NYC based label is run by Edgar Rojas-Masferrer (formerly involved with the Cosmic Chronic label and Miami Players Club DJ Crew) and has just released its 3rd vinyl, the second one by Los Angeles based producer Jamma-Dee.

From the very first notes of the Vol.1 EP I was hooked. Recreations and sampling of late 80’s Soul gems that fall in between New Jack Swing and Quiet Storm / Mellow Grooves. Sounds a little bit like listening to forgotten album cuts from Al B Sure, Luther Vandross, Atlantic Starr or even the mood music in Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Volumes 1 & 2 are out now and distributed by the good folks at PPU and their Ear Cave shop. Don’t Sleep, very limited quantities! You might have heard some tracks from Jamma-Dee on my last few shows (link)

Preview of ARC-003

Jamma-Dee – VOL. 2

A1 – H.E.Y. (Heavy Every Year)
A2 – Been So Long
A3 – Jazzin’ Down I-10
A4 – I Feel Lucky
B1 – Lessonz
B2 – Letz Talk (Abot’ Love)
B3 – Fly Away With Me
B4 – Mission



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