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Beats & Hip Hop Selects by Kramos

The latest releases in the Beats & Hip Hop sphere hand-picked by Kramos. Streaming on your desired platform, this playlist is updated regularly so check back often. Focused more on the instrumental and Beats side of things, there will still  Read more  »

MIMS Monthly Picks

Music Worth Hearing – November 2016 Recap

You can stop your search right now! The recap of some of the best tunes, albums and compilations of November ’16 is here. Even the nerdiest of the music nerds can’t keep up with the constant flow of great releases  Read more  »


Music Worth Hearing – October 2016 Recap

Once again, a crazy amount of top-notch music has been released during the month of October ’16. This is my little recap of some of the best tunes, albums and compilations we had the chance to listen to. If you  Read more  »

Music Worth Hearing – September 2016 Recap

As always, September is very busy month in the music world and 2016 is no exception. Here are some of the best releases we had the chance to put an ears on. Incredible reggae/dancehall/rocksteady album from the Frightnrs (R.I.P. Dan  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Blaze ‎”25 Years Later” (1990)

The album “25 Years Later” by Blaze is one of the best kept secrets on legendary Motown label. This soulful house release could be easily put next to the greatest 60’s & 70’s record from that legendary label without feeling  Read more  »