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Arnheim - Paper Room
Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Arnheim featuring Musina Ebobissé “Paper Room” (Barbara Recordings)

It’s another bonafide banger from the London-based producer Arnheim! MIMS is delighted to showcase a tune off of his latest 12″ – the deep, syncopated beat-driven track “Paper Room” featuring the French saxophonist Musina Ebobissé. Music Is My Sanctuary ·  Read more  »

Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: sneaky jesus “Piękno Niemożliwe” Ft. Mariya Mavko

The excellent sneaky jesus share an exclusive sneak peak into their highly anticipated second album, “For Chaching Taphed.” Hailing from Wrocław, this boundary-pushing Polish jazz ensemble is known for their innovative approach to the genre. “Piękno Niemożliwe”, showcasing the enchanting  Read more  »

Exclusive Premieres

Video Premiere: Bopperson & Bikbaye “Who Are You?” (+33JOY)

Music and words for mind and soul. Label and collaborative musical collective, +33JOY announces its debut release, this first one from Bopperson & Bikbaye Born out of a meeting at New York’s annual Winter Jazz Festival, back in 2020, this  Read more  »

Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Coma World “Playing With Fire”

Coma World’s exclusive premiere of “Playing With Fire” offers a tantalizing preview of their upcoming album ‘Coma Wong,’ scheduled for release next month on Byrd Out. With this track, the duo embarks on a unique journey through a dystopian jazz  Read more  »

Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Nico Lahs “Make U Cum”

Upcoming from our friends at U FIT: After more than a decade releasing quality music on prestigious labels worldwide, Italian artist Nico Lahs launches his new label, U FIT, with two new solo EPs. The first, Distant Shadows, is a  Read more  »