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Artist Spotlight

3 Steps To: Palms Trax

For those that don’t him already, we wanted to give an introduction to the London-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Palms Trax with a selection of three of his best moments. Palms Trax saw his first release back in 2013 on  Read more  »

Crucial Material

Crucial Material – Best Releases of the Week (July 14th, 2018)

Every week our heads are spinning from the amount of new music that lands on the “to-listen” pile. The sheer volume of new material to go through is absolutely dizzying to say the least, but it’s always worth it to  Read more  »

Artist Spotlight

3 Steps To: Session Victim

For those of you that don’t know the energetic German House duo Session Victim already (have you been living under a rock??), we’ve decided to select three of their best moments to showcase what they’re all about. Not only is  Read more  »

MIMS Radio

MIMS Radio Season 2 Recap

Before we take a break for the summer we wanted to look back at some of the great performances we had the chance to host in Season 2 of MIMS Radio presented by Phi Centre. We are all very proud  Read more  »

MIMS Radio

MIMS Radio Season 2 Finale – S02E10

What a season it’s been! MIMS Radio presented by the Phi Centre has been a favourite project for a lot us, and we’re so happy how Season 2 turned out. This last episode features Lexis & ASMA as your hosts,  Read more  »