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MIMS’ Shine On Playlist – Tribute to Music Legends Lost in 2016

In addition to all of the depressing news in the world, 2016 will go down as an extremely bittersweet one in the music world. Yes, a ton of great music was released this year but it was a painful year  Read more  »


The Winter Snow Jazz Playlist

Here is a lovely playlist of hand-picked selection perfect for a quiet winter snowy night. Lots of beautiful jazz from different eras and different corners of the world. Most of these tracks were taken from Lexis’ Snow Jazz mix and  Read more  »


MIMS’ Top 100 Tracks of 2016

After hours of deliberation, our team finally came to an agreement on a Top 100 Tracks From 2016 available on Spotify. There is still a load of other tracks we loved and wanted to have on the list that are simply  Read more  »

HAUNTOLOGY Vol.2 – MIMS Playlist (by Doc’trin & Loum)

When it comes to selecting Halloween music, literally anyone can type up a slew of keywords (ei: “evil”, “creepy”, “demon”) into their music player’s search bar, or worse – sift through a plethora of uninspiring online playlists (often littered with  Read more  »

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90’s GARAGE – The US & UK Connection

By: The Rawsoul, Dr.Love & Lexis A few years ago we wrote a feature on the history of UK Garage, from its foundation to the family tree of sub-genres. (Link) Since Lexis & Dr.Love have been doing UK Garage Forever  Read more  »