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Back 2 U — Episode 2: SILKTITS (hosted by Lexis)

Lexis welcomes special guests to his kitchen table for friendly music hangouts. Inspired by the back-to-back DJ format, the show is an improvised listening and conversation session where each person plays handpicked gems they love and shares stories about these records.

Episode 2: Silktits aka Alexis Cuthbert isn’t just my namesake; she’s one of my favorite DJs and one of our best adopted Montrealers. Even though she falls under the ‘open format’ style of DJing, her signature sound often has a cheeky, twinkly quality, drawing from different genres like disco, boogie, early house, Balearic, and leftfield.

In this episode, we discuss taking mushrooms and listening to the same song 53 times in a row while in a kiddie pool, talk about the secret vinyl store in Montreal, jam out to bizarre 80s Quebec drum machine theatre-boogie, Romanian pan flute jazz-disco, and close out the show by playing different reggae cover versions of the exact same song by pure coincidence!


Earth Angel – Make Me Happy
Velly Joonas – Stopp, seisku aeg!
Izumi “Mimi” Kobayashi – Lazy Love
Messenjah – Cool Operator
Jackson Jones – I Feel Good, Put Your Pants On
Michel Lemieux – I Want
Niagara – Tchiki Boom
Donald Fagan – Shanghai Confidential
Via Afrika – Hey Boy
Xalam – Ndiguel
Kenny Dixon Jr – Do You Know
Ragtyme – Fix It Man
Shadows J – Hip This House
Lil Louis – 6 AM
Bas Noir – Suddently
Molima – Think’in Bout U
Romanian Flute Cover – Nature Boy
Eurythmics – Monkey Monkey
Marie Bowie – It’s My House
Risco Connections – It’s My House



Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).