Mixtape Mondays

Best Summer 2015 Mixes

It’s no secret that we love mixes with special themes; mixes for sleeping, morning, winter, sexy time, running, tributes to artists, labels and so on.

I don’t mean to alarm you but there is only 1 month of summer left, so you better make some time for all of these summer-themed mixes!

Disclaimer: We picked through our favorite mixes which had an implicit summer theme. Feel free to send some over if we missed some nice ones.

Starting off this nice list with the man LEFTO running through his best jams of the Summer.

6th edition of JAZZY JEFF & MICK BOOGIE‘s Summertime mix.

Our man SPACEWALKER from Belgrade, Serbia knows a thing or two about beautiful coast lines. Which may be why his Coastin’ mixes are always so fantastic!

A curated selection of Slow Soulful Jams, Warm Funk, Hot Disco and Spanish and Brazilians sizzling vibes from COOKIN SOUL

On a different tip, UK’s ONEMAN with a very eclectic summer session featuring anything from Drake to Pinch and Four Tet.

Our very own homie from Montreal via France, DR MIETTE with his 5th edition of Summer Soundz.

A late but great entry, check out this great soulful mix from Germany’s JAY SCARLETT. Lots of nice discoveries on this one.

If you happen to be drinking champagne on a yacht or fancy cocktails in a kitch hotel, then this mix from Serbia’s FUNKY JUNKY is for you.

Last but not least, Oslo’s excellent producer FRED FADES is showing his DJ skills with this nice Boogie-Funk-Soul mix



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