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Future Classic: Big Hongry “Let The Smoke Out EP”


Big Hongry teams up with producer Pas Doo to create this Detroit hip-hop inspired EP “Let The Smoke Out”.

Personally, I have never heard of Big Hongry until now, but honestly I have no idea why. This man has bars! Within seven tracks, two of which are interludes, Hongry is able to address a wide variety of topics and emotions, some of which are fun and light hearted and some that are much more relevant in these days and times.

This is all done flawlessly with an effortless but skillful delivery over beats by Pas Doo which feel similar to production styles of Kev Brown or Black Milk. “Clouds” bounces nicely over some ethereal vocal chops, “Ease My Nerves” knocks hard over fat bassline chops, and “12:45” rides easily on a break beefed up with claps and cowbells leaving you no choice but to press rewind and give “Let The Smoke Out” another few listens.

Keep your eyes open for more releases from the California based rapper who has nowhere to go but up!

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Hailing from beautiful British Columbia, Canada Mike now resides in Montreal where he makes music under his solo moniker avroARROW, and also plays in a mysterious five person band known as THE DEATHLY ILLS. At Music Is My Sanctuary, he is the head of Content Management.