Byron The Aquarius’ Top 5 Keyboardists of All Time

Alabama’s Byron The Aquarius has been funking up the scene since 2007 with his infectious personality and bounce, and of course his killer chops on the keys.

With his latest release coming this Friday on Dimensions Recordings’ “An Introduction Pt. 2”, we thought we’d ask him who his Top 5 Keyboardists of All Time are to get a little more insight into who makes him tick.

Regarding the newly started Dimensions Recordings, the recently launched imprint is releasing a 3-Part Introduction Series of 4-Track EPs to kick it off. Led by Dimensions Soundystem’s David Martin and Andy Lemay, the aim of Dimensions Recordings is to provide an outlet to release music they love; whether it’s abstract jazz explorations or cosmic techno. The Introduction Series also includes artists like Mim Suleiman, Mike Dehnert, Marcos Cabral, Lady Blaktronika and of course Byron The Aquarius who drops his signature dose of funk into his track ‘Full Moon’.

Bernie Worrell “Insurance Man for the Funk”

Bernie Worrell is the first on my list. Bernie was the Funk God! Taught me of funking my synthesizers and just playing from the Soul. Like they say, “Free the mind and the ass will follow!”

Patrice Rushen “Remind Me”

Patrice Rushen was a huge inspiration to me for her heavy keyboard skills and song arrangements. She inspired me on the producer tip and the smooth funky key progressions…

Herbie Hancock “I Thought It Was You”

Never can go wrong with Herbie Hancock. He was the backbone of my inspiration, just in his original style in Jazz to it all. Herbie inspired me because as him being a keyboardist he did it all from all styles. He wasn’t scared to explore the other sides of music, and that’s why I will forever love Herbie Hancock. Inspiration all day right here…

Terrace Martin “Curly Martin”

Terrace Martin will forever be one of inspirations. I never will forget when I was 17 and he invited me and my grandad to the Snoop Dogg Show in Birmingham ala City Stages! Respect how much he has evolved as a producer and keyboardist. The dude has paid his dues in the game. I love how he merges all styles together with jazz, especially the new vibes he been doing now. Total inspiration to me to follow my own sound…

Brandon Coleman “Moon Butter”

I was introduced to Brandon Coleman when I watched Thundercat live. He was Thundercat’s keyboardist in the past. Dude, jazzy keyboard funk riffs. Total inspiration to me in how he produces and composes great music. Can never get enough of some of Brandon Coleman joints in the car. Amazing musician!

“An Introduction Pt. 2” releases July 14, 2017 on Dimensions Recordings

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