Forgotten Treasures

Dadawah “Peace & Love: Wadadasow” (1974, Dug Out)


A true Jamaican gem of a record.

“Peace and Love” was Dadawah’s debut and remains his only album released under this artist name. It is a dark but deeply spiritual reggae LP (originally released in 1974 on Wild Flower) that shares hymns of Rastafarian love, nationality, and hope.

Constructed with the percussion motifs of Nyahbinghi, heavy bass dub and ghostly guitar arrangements drown in reverb and echo. I fell in love immediately with this forgotten masterpiece. Four tracks with a total running time of 38 minutes, four open-ended pieces that take you on a mystical voyage. Dadawah, better known as Ras Micheal, delivers this record that feels like a ritual on a Caribbean night. We are invited to flee “our land of the sinking sand” and join him in the free land of Jah’s Zion.

Essential reissue available now on Dug Out

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Marilou Lyonnais

Marilou Lyonnais

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