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Devonwho “Betaloops” (Leaving Records)

Beats Electronic

Betaloops is a 42-track instrumental beat tape of all original Devonwho material tracks made while living in both San Francisco and Los Angeles during 2014-2017 using DSI Prophet 08 & Roland GAIA.

Devonwho is back, this time showing off his signature style of off-kilter lo-fi synth jams. The 42-tracker (yes, forty two tracks), contains multiple sketches, rough drafts, loops, and ideas, hence the name “Betaloops”.

“These were just tracks I made in San Francisco, and transitioning to LA life. Bits & pieces that never turned into full songs, but a part of me and my growth that I wanted to share.”

Cover art & cassette layout by Low Limit.

“Betaloops” released November 10, 2017 on Leaving Records

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