Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Eddie Jefferson “So What” (1968)


There have been countless versions, covers, remixes of Miles Davis‘ work and his classic “So What” track. This easily has to rank with the best.

An aboslute mind-blowing be-bop vocal version from Eddie Jefferson in the late 60’s. He used the Miles Davis’s riffs to form the basis of his vocal called “So What” which he recorded several times in his career. The version above is from his 1968 album “There I Go Again” for Prestige. The songs lyrics refer to an infamous moment in the ’50s when Miles and Coltrane were not happy with their performance and walked off stage to practise before returning to the stage It’s kind of reminiscent of what Jose James did with John Coltrane’s “Equinox” a few years ago… Proper Proper shit!



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