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Exclusive Premiere: Beck Junghyun “Flow”

It hits you like that cosmic blissful track you’d hear just at the right moment coming out of the chill room at the rave at 7:23 am. Just the perfect blend of classical, downtempo, bass, ambient elements. Absolutely loving this one!!

Tonal Unity is back with another modern take on Korean traditional sounds, presented here as the second in a series of 3 EPs. The raw and ancient sounds of Korea are interpreted by a cross-cultural selection of artists, each seeing them through their own cosmic prisms. Sit back, relax, and put a fresh cone in your incense burner for a trip to the hills in the land of morning calm.

Beck Junghyun is a talented pianist and founding member of legendary Korean fusion groups like I & I Djangdan and Surisurimahasuri. “Flow” sees Junghyun bringing her heavyweight bass and vocal to a laid-back tune fit for late nights, early mornings, or any moment of reflection.

Mastered by Kabamix @ LMD Studio Osaka

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