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Exclusive Premiere: Cykada “Fallacy”


Our favourite psych jazz rockers, Cykada, share “Fallacy”, an exclusive cut from their forthcoming second album, ‘Metamorphosis’, released Friday 24 November on Astigmatic Records.

“Fallacy” is a prime example of the development of Cykada’s sound, since their debut album, into a heavier amalgamation of jazz, folk, rock and sound system and UK dancefloor influences.

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The new album was recorded whilst the pandemic was in full swing in the UK. Bass guitarist Jamie Benzies, now on vocals too, was joined by Tim Doyle, aka producer/multi instrumentalist Chiminyo, on drums, James Mollison, also of Ezra Collective, on tenor sax, on trumpet Axel Kaner-Lidstrom of Levitation Orchestra, Tilé Gichigi-Lipere on keys & electronics, Rob Milne on various wind instruments, and Javi Perez on electric guitar.

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