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Exclusive Premiere: DayKoda “My Abstract Monkey”(feat. Robohands)

It is our absolute pleasure to release this brand new track from Milano’s DayKoda! We’re really feeling this one!!

‘My Abstract Monkey’ is the first single selected from the upcoming album by the nu jazz musician and beat maker DayKoda.

The young producer returns on the scene with a single that, in light of the recent global situation, will rise awareness against animal exploitation and deforestation. In particular, the profits form this single will be entirely donated to the WWF.

In tune with this theme, ‘My Abstract Monkey’ feels hazy and dreamlike; percussive hip-hop cuts, soulful atmospherics and highly skilled woodwind sequences. The track makes you swoon with its smooth and creamy vibe, something relatable to Stones Throw and Brainfeeder artists such as MNDSGN and Teebs. Special credits to the raw talent of the multi-instrumentalist Robohands, who features the track with an
effortless jazzy production.

The sound of this track floods your ears with greenery and
lush soundscapes, aiming at recreate that peaceful connection that used to endure between Human kind and nature.

Beat Machine Records

@daykodamusic explores the fields between slow-mo beats, downtempo
and Nu Jazz by moving in an almost abstract way through dreamy textures and downtempo productions strongly influenced by jazz
and beat music.

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